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About Us

Nestled in the heart of the city, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining stands as a mesmerizing blend of European architecture and contemporary luxury. Stepping inside, guests are greeted by a sight to behold - a soaring 30-foot-high ceiling adorned with exquisite royal chandeliers. The opulent chandeliers cast a soft, warm glow, creating an ambiance reminiscent of grand palaces and old-world charm.

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Adding a modern touch to the classic design, Reflex Bar boasts a magnificent 15-foot-tall LED screen. The LED screen becomes a dynamic centrepiece, displaying captivating visual art, live sports events, and engaging entertainment. This fusion of traditional grandeur with cutting-edge technology creates an immersive and visually stunning experience.


Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining takes immense pride in its craft, particularly when it comes to beverages. At the heart of the establishment lies its very own brewery, where skilled brew masters carefully create a range of fresh, handcrafted beers. From rich stouts to refreshing lagers and hoppy IPAs, the beer menu caters to beer enthusiasts and novices alike, each brew telling a story of dedication and passion.


Complementing the craft beers, the mixology team at Reflex Bar crafts an array of signature cocktails that tantalize taste buds and push the boundaries of creativity. Using premium spirits, house-made syrups, fresh fruits, and unique botanicals, each cocktail is a work of art, offering a symphony of flavours to suit diverse preferences.


Reflex Dining prides itself on curating a culinary experience that delights the senses. The menu reflects a harmonious blend of Indian, Pan Asian, and continental flavours, showcasing the diversity and richness of cuisines. From traditional Indian curries to the delicate flavours of Pan Asian dishes and the hearty comfort of continental fare, the food offerings are a culinary journey to remember.


The ambiance at Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining is nothing short of captivating, offering an ideal setting for vibrant nightlife and intimate gatherings alike. Live music performances further enhance the atmosphere, creating moments of celebration and joy for all who visit.


In essence, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining becomes more than just a bar - it becomes a destination where architecture, design, and gastronomy converge to create an extraordinary experience. Guests are transported to a world of elegance and indulgence, where old-world charm meets modern flair, and every moment is a celebration of refined taste.


Whether seeking a night of revelry, a cozy gathering with loved ones, or simply an escape into a realm of luxury, Reflex Bar offers an unforgettable and immersive journey that lingers in the hearts and memories of its patrons.


Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining has achieved a remarkable series of accolades, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the hospitality industry. In 2023, it was honoured with the prestigious "Times Business Award North" for being a trendsetting restobar and microbrewery, recognizing its innovative approach and exceptional offerings.


The culinary world also acknowledged Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining's excellence, as it received "The Times Food Awards 2023" for being a noteworthy newcomer in the microbrewery category. This award celebrated the bar's commitment to crafting top-notch beers and serving delectable dishes.


In the realm of microbreweries, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining further earned recognition as the "Most Promising New Microbrewery Brand Gurgaon" during the "Times Hospitality Icons 2022" event. This award emphasized the establishment's significant impact on the local brewing scene and its rapid rise to prominence.


Beyond its impact on Gurgaon's nightlife, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining 's founder Suman Bharti was celebrated as an emerging entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry during the "Times Hospitality Icons 2022." This accolade highlighted the visionary leadership behind the bar's success and its contribution to the city's gastronomic landscape.


Internationally, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining received global acclaim at the A'Design Awards in Italy. The bar was honoured with the prestigious Silver Award in 2022-2023, recognizing its exemplary design and outstanding contributions to the world of architecture and hospitality. This award showcased Reflex Bar's commitment to excellence on an international stage.


With an impressive array of awards, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining continues to set new standards in the industry, leaving a lasting impression on guests and peers alike. Its dedication to innovation, fine craftsmanship, and exceptional service has solidified its reputation as a true icon in the world of restobars and microbreweries.

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