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Benefits & Facts of Fresh Beer!

Updated: May 5

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Are you stuck in a dilemma on whether you should drink beer or rather catch up with some other acholic drink? Craft Beer, even though it has a relatively minimal amount of alcohol content in them it, is still considered a beverage like none other. However, unlike other alcoholic drinks that people choose to have once in a while, beer provides many unusual benefits of its own. Most people like to have a pint of beer with their meal, whether dinner or lunch, for some extra relaxation. It has a more significant amount of protein, vitamin B, and various antioxidants, making it beneficial for our whole body.

But some people still need to determine whether all the beer bars in Gurgaon would be fresh and have all the benefits people boast about. That is why, here in this article, we have listed all the benefits that drinking beer could provide to your body in the most effective manner possible.

Preventing cancer: The first and foremost benefit of drinking beer from any brewery in Gurgaon is prevention against cancer. There are a few elements or instead ingredients present in beer that is directly brewed by the breweries, which has the capability of fighting against cancer.

It comprises xanthohumol, which plays a crucial role in complete cancer prevention and provides light chemotherapy against cancer viruses. Moreover, several acids like humulones and lupulones have a unique ability to restrict the growth of bacteria, which could result in cancer in the future.

Fighting against Alzheimer's disease: Now, the second most important benefit that drinking fresh beer from a microbrewery could provide is the will and ability to fight off Alzheimer's disease. Upon conducting much research by different scientists, it was found that drinking beer would provide many abilities to patients.

Beer has a good amount of silicon content in it, which helps protect the brain from the aluminum produced in our body, which is one of the prime sources of the cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Best Beer in Gurgaon, Brewery Near Me, Best Nightlife in Gurgaon

Avoiding cardiac arrest: There has been an alarming rise in cases where people are dying through cardiac arrest, which is far greater in number than even cancer itself. However, if you choose to drink fresh beer from the nearest microbrewery like the Reflex bars the benefits provided might help you avoid any cardiac arrest in the future.

Atherosclerosis is a condition known for causing various heart-related problems in patients. But, through various studies, it has been found that beer contains vitamin B6 which helps break down the formation of clots and clear the pathway for blood to travel seamlessly.

Strengthening the bones: With the onset of older age, most people's bodies show signs of deterioration, and one of the first places which are affected by it are bones. Hence, choosing to visit the Brewery bars in Gurgaon and ordering yourself the largest pint of beer once in a while would help you give much-needed strength to the bones. Beer is known to have high amounts of silicon, which helps the proper growth and maintenance of the bones. However, make sure you don't drink too much as it might lead to drunkenness which is not suitable for your bones or body.

Getting rid of the dandruff: Does your hair hold a painful amount of dandruff in it? Dandruff is one of those problems most people suffer from due to not taking proper care of their hair. If you decide to take some fresh beer, then apply it properly all over your hair and then wash it. It could help you eliminate all dandruff in your hair. Beer has a high vitamin B content which helps protect the hair.

Keeping the blood pressure in check: You might see that some of the people who visit beer brewery in India could suffer from fluctuating or high blood pressure. However, most of these problems would go away if you continue to drink beer in a limited manner, as it has been found that drinking fresh beer helps in keeping the blood pressure of the body in check. Hence, soon you will no longer need to worry about high blood pressure.

Best Beer in Gurgaon, Brewery Near Me, Best Nightlife in Gurgaon

Beer consumption releases dopamine in your body which goes into your brain to make it feel calmer and relaxed. That is why grab a giant pint of beer from a brewpub after going through a tough day at work and get a good night's sleep away from all kinds of problems.

When it comes to drinking beer for the first time, most people might hesitate in choosing whether to have it or not. However, after reading the above article, hopefully you can quickly conclude that consuming fresh beer is not harmful to your body if you have it in a limited amount. Hence, call your friends up for a gathering and visit the nearest Reflex Brewery in Golf course road, Gurgaon to catch some cold and freshly brewed beer while you are at it.

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