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Cricket Live streaming Restaurant and Brewery

Experience Cricket Bliss: Watch World Cup 2023 Live at Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining

Cricket enthusiasts, gear up for an unparalleled experience as Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining invites you to watch the World Cup 2023 live! Dive into the excitement of every match at the best sports bar in town, featuring a massive 15ft tall LED screen and the finest freshly brewed beer.

Live Streaming Cricket Match at Reflex:

Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining takes your cricket-watching experience to the next level with live streaming of every thrilling moment from the World Cup. Immerse yourself in the game, cheer for your favourite team, and witness the action unfold on a colossal LED screen, providing a stadium-like atmosphere.

Cricket Match Live with Freshly Brewed Beer:

What's better than enjoying a nail-biting cricket match? Pairing it with the finest freshly brewed beer, of course! Reflex Bar offers an extensive selection of craft brews that perfectly complement the intensity of the game. Sip on your favorite brew while savoring the taste of victory for your team.

The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience:

Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining is not just a place; it's an experience for cricket enthusiasts. The ambiance is electric, the cheers are infectious, and the camaraderie among fans creates an unparalleled sports bar atmosphere. Whether you're celebrating a boundary or lamenting a wicket, Reflex is the place to be.

Why Reflex for Live Cricket:

1. Massive LED Screen: Immerse yourself in the game with a 15ft tall LED screen, ensuring every detail of the match is captured in grandeur.

2.Crafted Brews: Elevate your cricket-watching experience with a wide range of freshly brewed beers, each sip enhancing the thrill of the game.

3.Vibrant Atmosphere: Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cricket enthusiasts in a lively ambiance that mirrors the excitement of the stadium.

Best Place to Watch Cricket Match Live:

Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining stands out as the ultimate destination for live cricket action. It's not just a sports bar; it's a haven for cricket lovers seeking an immersive experience. Share the joy, celebrate victories, and create lasting memories at Reflex.


For an unparalleled combination of live cricket streaming, freshly brewed beer, and a vibrant sports bar atmosphere, Reflex Bar, Brewery & Dining emerges as the best place to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023. Join us in celebrating the spirit of cricket like never before!


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