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Refresh Your Mind with Craft Beer!

Updated: May 5

We all crave a bottle of beer on a hot, humid day, and it excites our taste buds and refreshes us for the time being. Though there are various types of beer in the market, we all have our own choices. However, you must know that most popular beers belong to the same category in terms of taste. They are unnatural and contain other ingredients to make them tasty. Hence, it would be best to prepare a fresh beer naturally without any chemicals.

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Preparation of Craft Beer: Making beer at home is a manageable task and a simple step-by-step process you need to follow. However, you must remember that Craft Beer lasts only for some days, unlike the commercial ones. Recently, beer brewery in India has been on the rise because people are craving more beer that does not contain chemicals. Following are the ingredients that you need to prepare craft beer.

· Dry Malt

· Hops for taste

· Purified water

· Brewing yeast

· Gelatin

· Priming sugar or Sulfur less sugar

· Brewing sanitizer

· Yeast

· Ice

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The Initial Preparation:

  1. Boil the water at a high temperature.

  2. Add the malt extract and stir it properly, so it does not stick to the bottom.

  3. Add the hops for the taste.

  4. Once the water starts to boil again, add Irish moss, which is necessary as it removes the protein from the beer.

  5. Keep the water boiling for five to ten minutes.

  6. Please remove the vessel from the flame and pour it over the ice cubes in the wort.

  7. Chill the content till it reaches room temperature.

  8. Now pour the content from the wort into the Mason jar.

  9. Add or reduce the malt to get the alcoholic content according to your choice.

  10. Take the yeast nutrients and add them to the content. You need to mix it well and wait for around fifteen minutes. You need to be careful during the process because if the yeast is alive, you will find the formation of foam. But if there is dead yeast, the entire process is ruined.

  11. Seal the mason jar's lid and store it in a cool dark area for at least seven days.

  12. After seven days, your craft beer is ready for consumption.

Importance of Microbrewery

If you want the real taste of beer, you must always get it from a microbrewery. It is because since the brewery is small in size and produces less quantity of beer, the production process is intrinsic. It aims at producing flavors unlike the larger ones, which aim for mass production. Hence, perfection is the key motto for all small beer breweries in India.

Most brewery bars in Gurgaon have breweries that aim to produce the best beers in India. People are now inclined towards freshly made beer as it contains no calories or artificial content, and the taste is good and refreshes you at any time of the day.

Best Beer in Gurgaon, Brewery Near Me, Best Nightlife in Gurgaon

Benefits of consuming craft beer

There is nothing more refreshing than consuming a fresh craft beer. The alcohol content is low, and at the same time, it is less in calories. You can also have fresh craft beer at any time of the season. Following are some of the benefits of consuming fresh craft beer.

Authentic taste

To get the best taste in beer, you must always choose fresh craft beer. It is of superior quality and better than any other commercial beer. Because of these reasons, most men prefer to have a beer over any other type of alcohol. Taste is one of the most incredible benefits that good craft beers offer. Most of the breweries in Gurgaon aim to produce the best quality beer for the convenience of the drinkers. Hence, there are also trying to use various flavors to match the tastes and preferences of the people.

A Beer for every season

One of the specialties of fresh craft beer is that you can drink it any time of the year or season. Moreover, since the alcohol content is low, it does affect your health. You can either have it cold or warm, depending on the season. The joy of having an excellent authentic, craft beer is inexplicable, and it would be best to taste the beer to enjoy it.

If you are a beer lover, it is better to spend your hard-earned money on something other than the famous beers of the world. You may get the taste and flavor but not the freshness. Most of the beers you consume today were bottled quite a few days back. Therefore, if you want to get the real taste of beer, it is better to get hold of Reflex Brewery, Bar & Dining that prepares beer perfectly. Fresh craft beer is nutritious and healthy and gives you value for your money. We are gradually returning to traditional beer brewing, and fresh craft beer will take over the popular ones.

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