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The Best Seasonal Beers to Try This Winter - A Guide for Every Beer Lover

Updated: May 5

People of almost every age love having a beer as it helps an individual get relief from stress and depression. Very few people do not like consuming beer or any alcohol, and people prefer drinking beer as the alcohol percentage is very low in this product. It is also claimed that people prefer drinking beer to wine as it is more beneficial and less harmful to health. Drinking beer indeed has several health benefits, but at the same time consuming it more than the limit is not going to be beneficial. One can also visit the brewery in Gurgaon to drink the best beer in the town. You can also go through the Reflex Brewery to go through the list of best beer to taste in winter.

Follow the restrictions

For the one who does not know, drinking beer can prevent diseases related to heart, stroke, heart attack, circulatory system, etc. But that does not mean that an individual can consume beer whenever they feel like there is a specific limit everyone needs to follow; otherwise, they can damage their kidney. It can also protect you from type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, kidney stones, etc.

Many people may question how it is possible that an alcoholic drink can help you get through various diseases. In simple words, it is said that beer helps protect one from heart diseases by increasing the HDL (good cholesterol); on the other hand, the presence of vitamin B6 also helps lower the homocysteine level, a chemical that is responsible for heart disease. If you are the one who loves consuming beer, then visit one of the breweries in India to taste various types of beer.

Effective for

The report claims that people addicted to drinking and have a habit of drinking a glass of alcohol daily will have better thinking abilities than non-drinkers during their 80s. But that does not mean you can continue drinking more than a glass, as drinking more than three glasses per day can affect your memory in a big way.

Evidence has been found that people who drink regularly have less chance of dying from heart failure. It is also said that drinking reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Put claims that people who prefer drinking alcohol every day at a moderate level have a lower chance of getting affected with type 2 diabetes. Just because there are various facts that one can have various health benefits after consuming beer doesn’t mean you will start consuming it regularly.

Ineffective for

For the one who is very happy that drinking beer can help them prevent various heart diseases, it is also claimed that drinking beer regularly can increase the chances of a person getting poisoned with cancer. Doctors suggest that people should limit their drinking if they have any lung issues. But one can enjoy craft beer as it is less effective on a human’s body.

Exploring the Different Types of Seasonal and Limited-Release Beers Available for this Winter

Best Beer in Gurgaon, Brewery Near Me, Best Nightlife in Gurgaon

Winter nights can be enjoyed very nicely by having a beer with your friends or close ones. A beer can change the mood and environment. If you are getting tired of having the same alcohol in the beer bar in Gurgaon, it's the right time to visit the golf course road brewery to try some new beer. If you are still trying to choose a good beer for yourself, you should consider adding these beers to your list.

Belgian Wit: The taste of this beer is so soothing that it will blow your mind. This one is perfect for winter as it is refreshing in nature and this is appropriate for the one who prefers soft beer.

Belgian strong ale: If you are looking for a strong beer, this one is perfect for you as it will give you a great fruity punch.. You can also visit the Reflex Brewery and lounge in Gurgaon to taste all the great beer. Reflex brewery is said to have the best beer collection so make sure you go and check it.

Dunkel lager: One may get the taste of the traditional malty brown lager and this one can also get added on your list, if you are looking for a strong beer.

We need to be made aware of various facts about drinking. Most of us think drinking beer is safe and beneficial for our health, but there are various other things that individuals should know about drinking beer. We have also shared a few best beers to taste in winter; if you are the one who stays in Gurgaon, then you can get to taste the best beer by visiting Reflex Brewery & Dining.


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